6th December 2019


How many square feet are in a 24 foot diameter circle?

Square Footage Inside a Circle, 24' Round Swimming Pool.
24' x 24' = 576'
576' x .7854 = 452.39 Sq Ft (total inside pool)

In respect to this, how do I figure the square feet of a circle?

To determine the square footage of the area of a circle, multiply 3.1416 times the radius (in feet) squared. To determine the circumference of a circle, multiply 3.1416 times the diameter (twice the radius).

How do we calculate the area of a circle?

If the object is a circle, and you know its circumference, you would divide the circumference by pi to find the diameter of the circle. Half the diameter is the radius. Square the radius and multiply by pi to find the area of the circle.
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