16th June 2020


How many sockets can an item have Poe?

6 Sockets

Also, how many jewelers do I need for 6 Sockets?

On average, it should take about 223 Jeweler's Orbs to six-socket an item; this is the mean. The median is slightly different; it's 154 Jeweler's Orbs, which means although an average attempt takes 154 orbs, the attempts which do take more tend to take enough more to push the average orbs used to 223.

Furthermore, how do you get 3 white sockets in Path of Exile?

no, the MOST you can ever get is 3 white sockets. the vorici bench will reroll all the sockets, and then choose up to 3 to turn white. you can never get more than 3 white with vorici bench, even if you use it multiple times.

How do you get orbs of fusing?

Obtaining. Orbs of Fusing are uncommon currency items that can be dropped by slain monsters, chests, and destructible containers. They also drop from Arcanist's Strongboxes. Orbs of Fusing may be obtained from vendors.

How do you get 4 white sockets in Path of Exile?

White sockets can be obtained through corruption by using a Vaal Orb. Corrupted items cannot be modified again. Can have white socketsPlace in a Resonator to influence item crafting. Shift click to unstack. or Vorici's crafting bench in the Immortal Syndicate Research safehouse.
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