16th June 2020


How many refugees did Germany take in 2017?

The Office of Migrants and Refugees (BAMF) registered 186,644 asylum seekers in 2017 compared to approximately 280,000 the year before and far fewer than the peak of 890,000 in 2015.

Similarly, it is asked, how many refugees did Germany take in 2016?

Germany expects up to 300,000 refugees in 2016, official says. Germany expects up to 300,000 refugees to arrive this year, less than one-third of the total during 2015's record influx, the federal office for migrants and refugees (BAMF) has said.

Beside above, how many refugees does Germany take per year?

While between 8,500 and 10,000 refugees entered the German labor force each month in 2018, researchers project that some 50 percent of the recent refugees will still be unemployed five years after their arrival.

How many Syrian refugees live in Germany?

The number of Syrians in Germany is estimated at around 600,000 people in December 2016 and consists mainly of refugees of the Syrian Civil War. Some other sources claim 200,000 estimated Syrian citizens to reside within Germany as of September 2015.

Is Germany a good country to immigrate?

Immigration to Germany – Everything you need to know about Moving to Germany. Germany has been deemed as the fifth most favorable country to move to. This is due to its well-performing economy, education system, and employment opportunities. People from all over the world want to have a chance of moving to Germany.
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