26th November 2019


How many movie theaters are in the United States?

According to their figures, the top four chains represent almost half of the theater screens in North America. NATO states that the number of U.S. movie screens as of December 2014 are 39,356 indoor screens on 5,463 sites and 656 Drive-In screens on 393 sites.

How big are the screens in a movie theater?

Even IMAX (which has standards for screen sizes, unlike regular theatres) screens can range between 1,110-5,000 sq ft which is a huge difference. Regular multiplex / indie cinema screens are usually in the area of 20-50 ft wide - but it just depends on the size of the theatre and power of the projector.

How many seats are in a row at the movie theater?

A movie theater has seats arranged in 25 rows with 30 seats in each row.
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