4th October 2019


How many linear feet is 1300 square feet?

Re: convert sq ft to linear feet.
it would depend on the width of the boards if you are trying to figure out how many feet you need.
for example if I had 1300 sq ft to cover and the boards were 6" wide I would divide 1300 / .5 and it would give me 2600 linear feet.

Similarly, how much is trim per foot?

The cost of crown molding depends largely on the material, finish, and detail of the design you choose. Basic styles may cost as little as $2-$3 per linear foot, while custom designed and cut moldings prepared by a finish carpenter cost $8-$10 or more per linear foot.

How much is baseboard per linear foot?

The taller and more elaborate the baseboard, the greater the cost. At 65-90 cents a linear foot, wood composite (MDF) baseboards 2-4 inches high average$50-$75 uninstalled for 80 feet in a 20x20-foot living room or $325-$450 for 500 feet in an average two-story home.

What is a scarf joint in woodworking?

A scarf joint (also known as a scarph joint) is a method of joining two members end to end in woodworking or metalworking. The scarf joint is used when the material being joined is not available in the length required.
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