2nd October 2019


How many flops is a petaflop?

Each Phi processor is capable of more than teraflop of speed, or one trillion floating point operations per second. A petaflop is 1,000 teraflops, or one quadrillion floating-point operations per second. An exascale system is 1,000 petaflops.

Beside this, how many gigs are in a teraflop?

A 1 teraFLOPS (TFLOPS) computer system is capable of performing one trillion (1012) floating-point operations per second. The rate 1 TFLOPS is equivalent to 1,000 GFLOPS. To match what a 1 TFLOPS computer system can do in just one second, you'd have to perform one calculation every second for 31,688.77 years.

How many flops is a human brain?

That's 10 quadrillion (10,000,000,000,000,000) floating point operations per second. It was achieved by the K supercomputer in Japan. The human brain is estimated to operate at about 1 exaflop (that's 1,000 petaflops). So we're about a hundredth of the way to being able to simulate an entire human brain.

What is petaflops per second?

A petaflop is the ability of a computer to do one quadrillion floating point operations per second (FLOPS). Additionally, a petaflop can be measured as one thousand teraflops. The world's fastest supercomputer today, Titan, is capable of 20 petaflops.
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