2nd October 2019


How many eggs does a chicken lay naturally?

In fact, the process of making and passing an egg requires so much energy and labor that in nature, wild hens lay only 10 to 15 eggs per year. (1, 2) The Red Jungle Fowl — the wild relatives from whom domestic layer hens are descended — lay one to two clutches of eggs annually, with 4 to 6 eggs per clutch on average.

Subsequently, one may also ask, do chickens lay eggs every day naturally?

Chickens lay one or sometimes more unfertilized or fertilized eggs a day until they have collected a clutch. If you continually collect eggs daily they will continually lay eggs because their goal is to have a clutch. A clutch usually is about a dozen eggs. Some hens have been bred to have a very long laying season.

Are chickens born with all their eggs?

A hen is born with all the eggs she'll ever have, and nature tricks her into laying them regardless of whether a rooster is around. Of course, none of their eggs can ever become chicks, but many chicken breeds don't care to be mothers anyway.
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