3rd December 2019


How many cups are in one onion?

Small: A small onion should weigh around 4 ounces, should fit pretty easily in your hand, and should yield about 1/2 cup once chopped. Medium: A medium onion is about twice as big as a small one, weighing it at roughly 8 ounces and yielding (you guessed it) about a cup once chopped.

Similarly one may ask, how many cups does one onion make?

In our test, a medium onion yielded around 2 cups of diced onions, while a large onion yielded 3 cups of the same sized dice.

How many onions is 4 cups chopped?

Small onion = 4 ounces by weight or about ½ cup chopped.
Medium onion = 8 ounces, or about 1 cup chopped.
Large onion = 12 ounces, or about 1½ cups chopped.
Jumbo onion = 16 ounces, or about 2 cups chopped.

How much is a serving of onions?

1-Cup Serving. The National Onion Association defines a serving size for onions as 1 cup or 160 grams. A serving has 64 calories, 15 grams of carbohydrates, 7 grams of naturally occurring sugar and around 5 grams of protein.
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