26th November 2019


How many active users does Pokemon Go have?

Today, Pokémon Go continues to have around five million daily users and 65 million monthly active users, according to game developer Niantic.

Considering this, how many people are playing Minecraft right now?

Roughly 1 million people are playing Minecraft at this moment. About 288000 people buy Minecraft EVERY SINGLE DAY. Im saying roughly because its hard to tell how many people are and have played Minecraft, and I'll tell you why.

How much money was made on Pokemon go?

Pokémon Go has made an estimated $600 million in revenue for its developer, Niantic Labs, in the three months since it launched, according to App Annie. Reconciling that with Nintendo's earnings indicates that Nintendo gets a 19% cut of the game's total revenues.

How many MTG players are there in the world?

It's Over 65,000! We here at Hipsters of the Coast have often wondered how many people actually play Magic. Wizards has repeatedly stated in the past that 20 million people play Magic across the globe but they've never really provided any details about those numbers.
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