2nd October 2019


How long will fog fluid last?

Fog Juice works in all fog machines designed for water-based fluid. This container of Fog Juice creates 15-20 hours worth of fog, depending on fogger wattage and pump size. General note: Fog Juice has a shelf life of 12-18 months in a heat sealed container.

Similarly, it is asked, is fog juice toxic?

The resulting effect is generally a rising smoke, though they can be used to create low- lying fogs by using chiller units to chill the output. The chemicals used in the fog fluids are not toxic. Despite some claims to the contrary, they are not carcinogenic and they do not cause asthma.

Are fog machines safe to breathe?

As long as your fog machine is used properly it is perfectly safe to breathe. Most fog machine fluids are made from a water and glycol solution that is not considered to be hazardous, however it may cause respiratory or throat irritation problems in some people.

What is Haze fluid made of?

The primary use of haze is to make light beams visible. Since light reflects off the droplets, you will see light travelling through the air that you ordinarily would not see. Haze is also used to create a misty atmosphere. Fog fluids are generally made of water-soluble glycols, such as propylene glycol.
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