How long should you soak in a bath with Epsom salt?

The Epsom Salt Council advises soaking in an Epsom salt bath for at least 12 minutes. An article of the American College of Healthcare Sciences, however, recommends soaking for only 10 minutes, and states that toxins your body has eliminated during the soak will be reabsorbed after 10 minutes.

What does an Epsom salt bath do to your body?

In water, it breaks down into magnesium and sulfate. The theory is that when you soak in an Epsom salt bath, these get into your body through your skin. That hasn't been proven, but just soaking in warm water can help relax muscles and loosen stiff joints. Sore muscles after working out.
  • Are Epsom salts good for back pain?

    Relieves Pain and Muscle Cramps: Majority of our pain comes from inflammation of the joints and muscles; this is especially true in the case of back pain. Epsom salt helps relieve the pain and the inflammation. It also will help heal skin wounds and migraine headaches.
  • How long should you soak your feet in Epsom salt?

    To enjoy a Epsom foot soak, add one half cup of salts to a small tub that holds enough warm water to cover the feet up to the ankles. Or add 2 cups to a standard size bath tub. Soak feet for 30 to 60 minutes.
  • How long do you soak a finger in Epsom salt?

    Prepare the solution by dissolving ½ cup Epsom salt in a quart of hot (not boiling) water. Stir the mixture until the Epsom salt is fully dissolved. Soak your finger for 6-10 minutes, and repeat multiple times daily.

Updated: 26th November 2019

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