3rd December 2019


How long should I wait between pregnancies?

An ideal pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. And it looks like there's also an ideal time between pregnancies. The length of time between giving birth to one baby and getting pregnant with the next should be 18 months or more. Women who get pregnant sooner than that are more likely to have a premature baby.

How long do you have to wait to get pregnant after having a baby?

Wait 18 months or more after having a baby before getting pregnant again. Waiting at least 18 months doesn't mean for sure that your next baby will be born on time. But it can help. Use effective birth control (also called contraception) until you're ready to get pregnant again.

Can you get pregnant after birth control pills?

"After the cycle, attempts can be made to start getting pregnant although it may be advisable to wait for the first normal menstrual period after you stop taking your pills," he says. But this precaution is not essential. Some women conceive within a week or two after stopping birth control pills.
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