30th June 2020


How long does the flu last in 2019?

And how long does the flu last? ?Generally speaking, when it comes to the flu, acute illness can last four or five days, though your cough can linger for weeks. But it can also take a while to snap back from the flu, since “it really is debilitating, especially if you have a full-blown case,” Dr.

People also ask, how long is the flu contagious for?

Adults are most contagious with the flu from 24 hours before symptoms start to three to five days afterward. Children can spread the virus for longer—up to 10 days, and sometimes even beyond that. People who have serious immune system problems can spread influenza for weeks, or even months, after they get it.

Beside above, how long does the flu last in the elderly?

Flu: Fatigue Can Last for Weeks
That fatigue and weakness may last for up to 3 weeks -- or even longer in seniors and people with long-term (chronic) diseases or a weak immune system. With a cold, you usually feel bad for just a few days.

Should I sleep with my wife if she has the flu?

Sleeping in the same bed will increase your chances of contracting your spouse's illness but often can't be avoided, Dr. Thompson said. “You can't move out of the house.” Regularly cleaning counters and frequently touched spots (like the fridge handles) may also cut down on germs.

Who is at risk of dying from the flu?

Flu-related complications can occur at any age; however, very young children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people with chronic health problems are much more likely to develop serious complications of the flu than are younger, healthier people.
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