30th June 2020


How long does the dog flu vaccine last?

Healthy dogs seven weeks of age or older can be given the vaccine, which requires two vaccinations given two-to-four weeks apart. Initial studies have shown that dogs do not maintain long duration of immunity so it is important to revaccinate them annually.

Also asked, how often do dogs need flu vaccine?

Vaccination Schedule for Dogs: Core and Non-core Vaccines
Dog VaccineInitial Puppy Vaccination (at or under 16 weeks)Booster Recommendation
Canine influenzaFirst dose as early as 6-8 weeks; second dose 2-4 weeks laterYearly

Also to know, does the dog flu vaccine require a booster?

Your dog will need a booster shot 2 to 4 weeks after getting the initial flu vaccination. Ask your veterinarian if your dog should have a flu vaccination. Click to learn more.

What vaccines do dogs need yearly?

The American Animal Hospital Association publishes vaccine recommendations every few years that most veterinarians follow. They have a few “core” vaccines they say every dog should get: rabies, distemper, parvo, and adenovirus. The rest are considered “non-core” and should be given to at-risk dogs only.

How much are dog vaccinations UK?

How much do dog vaccinations cost?
Dog vaccinationCost
First set of puppy jabs - covering conditions such as kennel cough£30-£60
Booster vaccination with worming treatment£35
Microchipping£10-15 from a vet. Free from charities such as Blue Cross and Battersea Dogs Home
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