2nd October 2019


How long does it take to ferment cabbage?

The best quality sauerkraut is fermented for a minimum of 20 days. This time span ensures good flavor development, proper acidity level and complete consumption of all the sugars in the cabbage. The L. mesenteroides do most of their work in the first 3 days. They are the smallest of the three bacteria studied.

How much salt do I add to make sauerkraut?

3 Tbsp salt for 5 pounds of vegetables to make 3 quarts of sauerkraut.This is my favorite way to make small home batches of sauerkraut. If I'm filling a 10- liter crock with 10–-15 pounds of vegetables, I weigh and mix in 5- pound increments.

What kind of vegetables can you ferment?

He listed cabbage, daikon radishes, turnips, parsnips, cucumbers, okra, string beans and green tomatoes as good candidates for fermentation. “There's no vegetable you can't ferment,” he said, but added that leafy greens such as kale — because of their chlorophyll content — aren't to most people's liking.
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