How long does it take for paronychia to go away?

In most cases, an acute paronychia heals within 5 to 10 days with no permanent damage to the nail. Rarely, very severe cases may progress to osteomyelitis (a bone infection) of the finger or toe. Although a chronic paronychia may take several weeks to heal, the skin and nail usually will return to normal eventually.

What causes finger felon?

Felon: This bacterial infection of the finger pad, caused by the same organisms that cause paronychia, is usually the result of a puncture wound. The wound allows the introduction of bacteria deep into the fingertip pad. Because the fingertip has multiple compartments, the infection is contained in this area.
  • What is a felon in medical terms?

    A whitlow or felon is an infection of the tip of the finger. Herpetic whitlow and melanotic whitlow are subtypes that are not synonymous with the term felon. A felon is an "extremely painful abscess on the palmar aspect of the fingertip".
  • How can you tell when a wound is infected?

    If you notice any of these signs of infection, call your doctor right away:
    1. expanding redness around the wound.
    2. yellow or greenish-colored pus or cloudy wound drainage.
    3. red streaking spreading from the wound.
    4. increased swelling, tenderness, or pain around the wound.
    5. fever.
  • What is flexor tenosynovitis?

    Tenosynovitis is inflammation of a tendon and its sheath (see the image below). Most acute cases of flexor tenosynovitis (FT)—which involves disruption of normal flexor tendon function in the hand—result from infection.

Updated: 28th September 2018

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