3rd December 2019


How long does it take for oil to be made?

Crude oil building up: It took several million years to oil deposits to get built up following a natural process.

Accordingly, how is a natural gas formed?

One theory is that natural gas was formed millions of years ago when plants and tiny sea animals were buried by sand and rock. Layers of mud, sand, rock, plant, and animal matter continued to build up until the pressure and heat turned them into oil and natural gas.

How the crude oil is formed?

crude oil [crude oil : Crude oil is formed from the remains of small animals and plants that died and fell to the bottom of the sea. Their remains were covered by mud. As the sediment was buried by more sediment, it started to change into rock as the temperature and pressure increased.

How the oil is made?

Crude oil was made over millions of years from tiny plants and animals, called plankton. The plankton on the left would form oil in about 150 million years time if the sea bed is not disturbed. The plankton that lived in the Jurassic period made our crude oil. This was the time of the dinosaurs.
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