How long does it take for light to travel a distance of one light year?

Another way of looking at it: the Astronomical Unit is a bit more than 8 light-minutes in distance. A light beam takes 8 minutes to travel the 93 million miles (150 million km) from the sun to the Earth.

How many miles can light travel in a year?

Light travels at "the speed of light" which has been measured to be about 300,000 km/s (kilometers per second) or 186,000 m/s (miles per second) in empty space. Doing the math, a Light-year is 9.46 trillion km, or 5.88 trillion miles. Trillion is 10^12.
  • How fast is the flash?

    A scientist who works with WIRED Magazine says the television show video animations indicates he moves at about 700 miles per hour at his current operating speed; kudos to the animation team. His in-universe feats include: Episode 1 - City of Heroes: Hits around 700 mph in order to counter the Weather Wizard's tornado.
  • How long is a light year in human years?

    It is approximately 9 trillion kilometres (or about 6 trillion miles).[note 1] As defined by the International Astronomical Union (IAU), a light-year is the distance that light travels in vacuum in one Julian year (365.25 days).[2] Because it includes the word year, the term light-year is sometimes misinterpreted as a
  • How long would it take you to travel a light year?

    It travels at around 36,373 mph. One light-year is 5.87849981 × 10 12 miles. (That's 5,878,499,810,000 miles, or nearly 6 trillion miles). So, it would take New Horizons 18,449 years to travel one light year.

Updated: 3rd October 2019

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