22nd August 2018


How long does it take for chocolate to go off?

Pure chocolate can last for two years or more without presenting any acute health risks, but it's likely to change in texture and become less appetizing after about 12 months. Given enough time, some bars could even become so dry and hard as to be inedible (or at least a danger to your teeth).

Also know, can you put chocolate in the fridge to set?

But before you put chocolate in the fridge, first wrap it tightly to protect against odors and condensation, then seal it in an airtight container. When you take it out, let it come back to room temperature before unwrapping. This will keep your chocolates edible for anywhere from three to six months.

How long does it take for chocolate to set in a mold?

Put the filled mold into the freezer (on a flat surface). Small candies or bite size items will be ready to remove in about 5 minutes; standard larger pieces in about 10. Leaving it in the freezer longer than necessary is no problem at all (better too long than not enough!).

How long does it take to temper chocolate?

You have to be at peace with the process, because it takes what it takes. Test: Dip a knife, spoon, or spatula into the chocolate and set it down at cool room temperature (65° to 70°F). If the chocolate is in temper it will harden quite quickly (within 3 to 5 minutes) and become firm and shiny.
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