How long does it take for a caterpillar to turn into butterfly?

First as an egg, then as a caterpillar, next as a pupa in its chrysalis, and finally, it emerges as a butterfly. This entire process takes about four weeks from start to finish; although the warmer it is, the shorter the cycle.

What does a Hairy Molly turn into?

The larval stage of the butterfly is called a caterpillar and their main purpose is to eat and grow. The commonly called “Hairy Molly” is one of the most familiar caterpillars; it is, in fact, the larvae of the small tortoiseshell butterfly (Aglais urticae).
  • What is a black hairy caterpillar?

    Description: The woolly bear is a fuzzy, orange and black caterpillar that becomes a dull, yellow to orange moth with a fat, furry thorax and a small head. Ecology: One of our most familiar caterpillars, woolly bears are renowned wanderers. In spring, they gorge themselves, then molt into Isabella tiger moths.
  • Do caterpillars have teeth?

    These holes were likely created by hungry caterpillars. Although caterpillars do not have actual teeth like those found in animals like cats and dogs, they do have mouthparts they use for chewing.
  • Can you touch a woolly bear caterpillar?

    Although some caterpillars have stinging hairs which can be quite painful to the touch, woolly bears are safe to touch. When handled, woolly bears curl up into a tight fuzzy ball and “play dead”. But the best-known is the black and brown banded woolly bear, the larva of the Isabella tiger moth.

Updated: 2nd October 2019

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