How long does a zebra finch live for?

2 – 5 years
In the wild

Can a finch be tamed?

If you want a bird that's easily hand-tamed and perches on your finger, a finch isn't a good choice. While it's not impossible to train a young finch to finger perch, it's quite difficult. Finches have many other fine qualities, but a parakeet is a better choice if you're looking for a small, finger-perching bird.
  • Can a canary be tamed?

    Canaries are lively, intelligent birds, known for their singing, and friendly companionship. Many owners train their canary to sit on their hand, on a perch, and to fly around the room. Though young birds are easier to train, you can tame and train most canaries with enough patience and consistent practice.
  • Do canary birds talk?

    Once your bird has learnt one phrase, you can then teach your bird new phrases. Popular talking birds include Parakeets, Canaries and Budgies. Birds like Lovebirds and Cockatiels can also talk but are sometimes harder to train. If you are looking for a parrot, the African Grey has a good reputation for talking.
  • What is Parrot flu?

    Parrot fever is a rare infection caused by Chlamydia psittaci, a specific type of bacteria. The infection is also known as parrot disease and psittacosis. Other wild and pet birds may also carry the infection and pass it to humans.

Do finches need a Cuttlebone?

Grit is not recommended for finches because they do not ingest seeds whole. They hull their seeds and therefore do not need grit to help with digestion. Provide a cuttlebone or a mineral block, which will provide calcium and required nutrients for a strong beak and bones.
  • Can I keep my finches outside?

    Keeping Finches Warm Outdoors. If your birds are kept in an outdoor aviary, it will need heating in the colder months. The covered, interior section of the aviary should be completely weatherproof, and you can insulate it too.
  • Why do birds preen humans?

    Preening is the activity that a bird conducts to keep his feathers in top condition. It consists of running feathers through their beaks from the base to the tip to straighten and clean them. Birds may also attempt to "preen" their humans hair. Preening should not be confused with feather biting or plucking.
  • How do I get my parakeet to like me?

    Try to get your bird to take a treat from your hand, they especially love millet spray treats, so this is a good reward to use. Once he'll take a treat from your hand, you can try to get him to step up onto your finger. Put your finger out like a perch and press very gently upward on his chest, near his feet.

How can you tell if a zebra finch is male or female?

Zebra finches are dimorphic. That is to say that the males and females have different coloration. Males have a number of distinguishing features including: orange cheek patches, stripes on the throat, black bar on the breast and a chestnut colored flank with white spots.
  • What color is a female finch?

    Red male House Finch. Photo by M. LaBarbera. Male House Finches come in several colors, from the most familiar red shading through orange to bright golden yellow. They use carotenoids acquired from their diet to make these bright colors, and the colors are a sexual trait used to attract female mates.
  • Are white zebra finches rare?

    A white zebra finch retain the orange beak and legs; however, the rest of the body is devoid of all pigment or markings. The bird of a white zebra has dark eyes, showing that it is not an albino bird. In fact, true albino zebra finches are extremely rare.
  • What do you call a female zebra?

    Female zebras mature earlier than the males, and a mare may have her first foal by the age of three. Plains and mountain zebra foals are protected by their mothers, as well as the head stallion and the other mares in their group.

Updated: 29th September 2018

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