18th November 2019


How long does a morning after pill take to work?

These types of morning-after pills work best when you take them within 72 hours (three days) after unprotected sex—you can still take them up to five days afterwards, but the sooner you take them, the better they work.”

Likewise, people ask, how effective is the morning after pill within 12 hours?

Levonelle is most effective when taken within 12 hours of unprotected sex, although it can be effective for up to 72 hours after sex. You should bear in mind, however, that this effectiveness decreases over time. Levonelle is thought to prevent: up to 95% of pregnancies if taken within 24 hours.

How effective is the after pill?

EllaOne is a morning after pill which works until up to 120 hours (5 days) after intercourse. Studies have shown that ellaOne is up to 95% effective when administered to women between 48 and 120 hours after unprotected sex.

How long does it take for the morning after pill to leave your system?

Ella is 85% effective for up to 5 days after sex and stays just as effective throughout that time period. Therefore it is more effective after 3 days than levonogestrel based pills. Finally, the Paragard IUD is 99% effective for up to 5 days after unprotected sex .
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