21st November 2019


How long do larch trees live?

Overview: mature larch trees grow to 30m and can live for 250 years. Introduced to Britain in the early 17th century, larch comes in two 'flavours' – European and Japanese. It is a fairly fast growing coniferous tree.

Is a larch tree the same as a Tamarack?

Larix laricina, commonly known as the tamarack, hackmatack, eastern larch, black larch, red larch, or American larch, is a species of larch native to Canada, from eastern Yukon and Inuvik, Northwest Territories east to Newfoundland, and also south into the upper northeastern United States from Minnesota to Cranesville

What can larch wood be used for?

Common Uses: Veneer, plywood, paper (pulpwood), particleboard, glue-laminate beams, construction lumber, and flooring. Comments: Western Larch is the most commercially important Larix species in North America.
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