2nd October 2019


How Lenz's law is another form of law of conservation of energy?

Lenz law is in accordance with the law of conservation of energy. See induced EMF produces a current that opposes the change in flux, because a change in flux means a change inenergy. Energy can enter or leave, but not instantaneously. Lenz' law is a consequence.

Just so, why is Lenz's law true?

Lenz's law states that the direction of an induced e.m.f. Due to conservation of energy this is not possible and therefore the magnetic field due to the induced e.m.f. in the solenoid must oppose the magnetic field due to the bar magnet, as predicted by Lenz's law, as in Figure 1.

What Faraday law states?

Equivalently, it is the voltage that would be measured by cutting the wire to create an open circuit, and attaching a voltmeter to the leads. Faraday's law states that the EMF is also given by the rate of change of the magnetic flux: The direction of the electromotive force is given by Lenz's law.
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