2nd October 2019


How is the Schumann resonance measured?

Schumann resonance is a standing wave of electromagnetic field, which occurs when a space between the surface of the Earth and the ionosphere makes a resonant cavity for electromagnetic waves. It is important to measure Schumann resonance and compare the level inside and outside the mine.

Likewise, people ask, what is the frequency of the earth?

Brainwaves 7.83 Hz - Schumann earth resonance. Grounding, meditative - Pure Binaural Beats (The Frequency of the Earth)

What does 432 Hz mean?

It does not have a steady frequency that can be multiplied to achieve 432 Hz. Brainwaves or Neural Oscillations range between approximately 1 Hz and 70 Hz and are not tuned to 8 Hz or other divisions of 432 Hz in any way. The Schumann resonance is a set of electromagnetic oscillations that originate from earth.
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