26th November 2019


How is the beep test measured?

  1. Place markers 20 meters apart.
  2. Position yourself, or athletes, at one of the markers.
  3. Press the start button of the Beep Fitness Test app.
  4. Run 20 meters to the opposite marker, getting there before the next beep sounds.
  5. Wait there until the beep sounds before running back to the other marker.

How long does it take to complete the beep test?

The great thing about the beep test is it won't take you long at all. The vast majority of people will be done before they reach level 13, which takes less than 14 minutes. If you made it to this stage you'd have run just over 2.5 km, which is equivalent to 1.6 miles.

What is the beep test in soccer?

The Beep Test and its most recent alternative, the Yo-Yo Test, measure an athlete's ability to repeatedly perform timed intervals over a prolonged period. Upon hearing each beep, athletes must run between two sets of cones that are 20 meters (or 22 yards) apart, and the beeps come faster each time.
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