3rd December 2019


How is text removed when you press the delete key?

Both the Del or Delete key and Backspace key are used to delete text. However, when dealing with text, pressing the del key deletes text to the right of the cursor and pressing the Backspace key deletes text to the left (backwards) of the cursor.

Also asked, what is the insertion point?

In graphics-based programs, the insertion point is the point where the next characters typed from the keyboard will appear on the display screen. The insertion point is usually represented by a blinking vertical line. You can reposition the insertion point by pressing arrow keys or by moving the I-beam pointer.

What is the insertion point in Word 2016?

The insertion point is the blinking vertical line in your document. It indicates where you can enter text on the page. You can use the insertion point in a variety of ways. Blank document: When a new blank document opens, the insertion point will appear in the top-left corner of the page.

What is the use of backspace key?

Backspace is the keyboard key that originally pushed the typewriter carriage one position backwards, and in modern computer systems moves the display cursor one position backwards, deletes the character at that position, and shifts back the text after that position by one position.
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