17th October 2019


How is dextrose made from corn?

Glucose is the sugar in blood, and dextrose is the name given to glucose produced from corn. Biochemically they are identical. Fructose is the principal sugar in fruit. HFCS is made from corn starch.

Is dextrose a natural ingredient?

The following sections provide further detail on how the ingredients we call natural meet our natural standard. Dextrose (glucose) is a simple sugar (monosaccharaide) found in plants. Our Non-GMO dextrose is produced from starch derived from cassava root, also called manioc or tapioca root, or from corn.

Is dextrose vegan?

Dextrose has a vegetable source, but may be processed through a bone char filter (see sugar question above). It is a simple sugar, which functions as a sweetener in foods and drinks. Our guide lists it as typically vegan. Maltodextrin has a vegetable source.
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