28th November 2019


How hot is it in Venice in July?

The temperature over the month varies only slightly, getting a bit hotter as the month passes. July 1 has an average of 22°C (72°F), with highs of 26°C (80°F) and lows of 18°C (65°F). By mid-July, averages rise up to 23°C (74°F), highs of 27°C (82°F) and lows of 18°C (66°F).

Besides, what is the best month to go to Venice?

Best Times to Visit Venice. The best time to visit Venice is from September to November when tourists desert the city. Although the temperatures — which range from the upper 30s to mid-70s — necessitate some warm weather wear, the lowered hotel rates and the barren canals make it worth it.

How hot is Italy in June?

There's still a chance of rain showers in June, so make sure you pack wisely and bring a light jacket. At this time of year, Rome has mild temperatures with an average of 20°C at the start of June, slowly warming up to 24°C as the month goes on.

What is the weather like in June in Italy?

Interested in Florence?
Average Temps by MonthHighsLows
May73 °F (23 °C)54 °F (12 °C)
June81 °F (27 °C)59 °F (15 °C)
July86 °F (30 °C)64 °F (18 °C)
August86 °F (30 °C)63 °F (17 °C)
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