28th November 2019


How fast does Randy Moss run the 40 yard dash?

4.25 seconds

Likewise, what is the record for the fastest 40 yard dash?

John Ross breaks 40-yard dash record at combine with 4.22-second run. John Ross made history at the NFL scouting combine as the event's fastest man. The Washington wide receiver ran a 4.22-second 40-yard dash Saturday, breaking Arizona Cardinals running back Chris Johnson's previous record of 4.24 seconds.

Who is the fastest player ever in the NFL?

He [Bo Jackson] ran a blistering 4.12 seconds (hand-timed) 40 yard dash at the NFL Combine, which is still the fastest verifiable 40-yard dash time ever recorded at any NFL Combine. Darrell Green is #3: Green reportedly recorded a time of 4.09 at the Washington Redskins' training camp in 1986.

What is tyreek Hill's time in the 40 yard dash?

Terrance Gore: He was once ran a 60-yard dash in 6.32 seconds, which translates to a 4.23 time in the 40-yard dash. In high school, Gore ran a 40-yard dash in 4.29 seconds. Tyreek Hill: At his Pro Day at West Alabama, Hill ran a 4.24 in the 40.
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