6th October 2019


How fast does Michael Phelps swim a mile?

ESPN put Phelps's top speed at 6 miles per hour; large sharks tend to swim at about 1.5 mph. White sharks can swim at an estimated 25 mph, according to ReefQuest Center for Shark Research. Moreover, a 2008 study found that Phelps was slower than a goldfish.

Also to know is, what is the average speed of a human swimming?

Although the researchers noted that the average sprinting speeds among swimmers is 1.64 meters per second, or approximately 3.7 mph, humans' ability to sustain such speeds over long distances is limited.

How long can a polar bear hold its breath under water?

However, polar bears can also close their nostrils and hold their breath for two minutes under water, enabling them to sneak up and grab seals laying out on the edges of ice floes.

How fast a grizzly bear can run?

Never run from a bear: A bear can run 50 yards in 3 seconds, or up to 40 mph, faster than a race horse for short distances, and faster than any human, uphill or downhill. Running away will only encourage the bear to chase you.
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