16th June 2020


How does water affect crop production?

If the agricultural field has too much water, the roots can rot, and the crops won't get enough oxygen from the soil. Hence the scarcity and surplus of water on fields can equally affect the overall growth and development of crops directly and, as a result, also its yield and quality.

Besides, how does farming affect the water?

Improperly managed agricultural activities may impact surface water by contributing nutrients, pesticides, sediment, and bacteria, or by altering stream flow. Fertilizer and pesticide use, tillage, irrigation, and tile drainage can affect water quality and hydrology.

Also Know, will these factors affect crop production?

The four most important factors that influence crop yield are soil fertility, availability of water, climate, and diseases or pests. These factors can pose a significant risk to farms when they are not monitored and managed correctly. There are 18 nutrients that are essential for proper crop development.

What are the positive and negative effects of agriculture?

Positive and Negative Impacts of Agricultural Production of Liquid Biofuels. Agricultural production of liquid biofuels can have positive effects. It can decrease dependence on fossil fuels and increase farmers' incomes. Agricultural production of mixed perennial biofuel crops may increase pollinator and avian richness

What are the three factors that can limit the crop yields?

In the case of a struggling crop, the major limiting factors are:
  • Weather Stress.
  • Pest Pressures.
  • Soil Characteristics.
  • Crop Management Practices.
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