21st November 2019


How does the separating funnel work?

Separating immiscible liquids is done simply using a separating funnel. The two liquids are put into the funnel and are left for a short time to settle out and form two layers. The tap of the funnel is opened and the bottom liquid is allowed to run. The two liquids are now separate.

Just so, why do you need to vent the separatory funnel?

To perform the extraction, the two liquid phases are added to the separatory funnel, making certain that the tap is closed! The separatory funnel must be vented often during the shaking process to relieve excess vapour pressure. The funnel is vented by opening the tap when the funnel is inverted.

What is the difference between a Hirsch and a Büchner funnel?

Hirsch funnels are essentially smaller Büchner funnels and primarily used to collect a desired solid from a relatively small volume of liquid (1-10 mL). The main difference is that the plate is much smaller, while the walls of the funnel angle outward instead of being vertical.

Is the organic layer on top or bottom?

The two layers formed are usually known as the organic and aqueous phases. Most organic solvents float on top of an aqueous phase, though important exceptions are most halogenated solvents.
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