3rd October 2019


How does the sense of olfaction and Gustation interact?

Olfaction and gustation are chemical senses since they are stimulated by chemicals, the molecules of which interact w/ receptors to produce a generator potential (olfaction) or receptor potential (gustation). Chemicals that stimulate the olfactory hairs, which means that odorants are chemicals that have an odor.

Then, how does transduction occur in the olfactory?

The transduction occurs in the olfactory receptors located on cilia at the ends of the olfactory receptor neurons. Odorant molecules can reach the olfactory receptors via a passive pathway or an assisted pathway. In the passive route, molecules reach the olfactory mucosa via inhaled air.

How does transduction change sensory information?

In the visual system, sensory cells called rod and cone cells in the retina convert the physical energy of light signals into electrical impulses that travel to the brain. The light causes a conformational change in a protein called rhodopsin.

What is an olfactory signal?

The olfactory system, or sense of smell, is the part of the sensory system used for smelling (olfaction). Most mammals and reptiles have a main olfactory system and an accessory olfactory system.
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