25th November 2019


How does the position of the letter E as seen through the microscope different from the way an e normally appears?

Answer : The lettere” as seen through the microscope differs from the way an “enormally appears because it is reversed and upside down. However, under the microscope, the letter has very tiny, white spots where there is no ink.

Beside this, what happens to the brightness of the field of view as the magnification increases?

Light Intensity Decreases. The light intensity decreases as magnification increases. There is a fixed amount of light per area, and when you increase the magnification of an area, you look at a smaller area. Image brightness is inversely proportional to the magnification squared.

What is the first thing you adjust on a microscope?

Compound Microscopes
  • Turn the revolving turret (2) so that the lowest power objective lens (eg.
  • Place the microscope slide on the stage (6) and fasten it with the stage clips.
  • Look at the objective lens (3) and the stage from the side and turn the focus knob (4) so the stage moves upward.

Why does a specimen have to be thin to be viewed under a microscope?

(4 points) Specimens viewed with a compound microscope must be very thin, so that light can pass through them. If they were not thin enough for light to pass through them, they would not be visible under a compound microscope.
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