2nd October 2019


How does the California Current affect the climate of California?

Coastal areas near cold-water currents feel the effects of the cold water on their climates. Figure 2 shows how the California Current carries cold water south from the North Pacific Ocean. Usually, the climate along the West Coast is cooler than the climate of inland areas at the same latitude and elevation.

Furthermore, is the California Current Hot or cold?

The California current flows along the West Coast of the United States and is classified as a cold ocean current. The current flows from North to South bringing colder waters from the North to the south.

What is the average speed of the California Current?

Schwartzlose: The average speed of the general California Current is about 4 to 4 knot (12.5-25 cm/sec) . Direct measurements, using drogues, which we have made off Monterey, southern California and northern Baja California, indicate that speeds up to a knot (50 cm/sec) can obtain for short periods of time.
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