2nd October 2019


How does staph infection start out?

A staph infection is caused by a Staphylococcus (or "staph") bacteria. The infection often begins with a little cut, which gets infected with bacteria. This can look like honey-yellow crusting on the skin. These staph infections range from a simple boil to antibiotic-resistant infections to flesh-eating infections.

People also ask, what are the symptoms of staph infection in your eye?

Common symptoms of keratitis and other frontal eye infections are:
  • pain, itching, or sensation of a foreign body in the eye.
  • photosensitivity (aversion to bright light)
  • redness or small red lines in the white of the eye.
  • discharge of yellow pus that may be crusty on waking up - a possible sign of bacterial infection.
  • tears.

Is blepharitis a staph infection?

Blepharitis is inflammation of the eyelids that causes them to become red and itchy and form scaly patches of skin near the eyelashes. This is the bacteria responsible for most staph infections, including food poisoning, other skin infections, and some types of pneumonia.
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