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How does Okonkwo break the rules of the Week of Peace?

During the Week of Peace, Okonkwo notices that his youngest wife, Ojiugo, has left her hut to have her hair braided without having cooked dinner. He beats her for her negligence, shamefully breaking the peace of the sacred week in a transgression known as nso-ani.

In this way, how did the people view the yams in things fall apart?

Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory. Yams are a crop grown exclusively by men. Growing yams is labor intensive, and the size of a man's fields and harvest say much about his work ethic. Yams are grown to gain wealth and also to feed one's family.

How does Okonkwo feel about his father and why?

He beats him for fear that he will grow up as his father Unoka. Okonkwo fears that his son Nwoye will become effeminate as his father Unoka. While Okonkwo feels he is doing the right thing by his son, Nwoye is driven further away from his father with all the harsh treatment.

What is Okonkwo's biggest fear?

Okonkwo is a self-made, well-respected member of the Umuofia clan. Though outwardly stern and powerful, much of his life is dictated by internal fear. His greatest, overwhelming worry is that he will become like his father – lazy, unable to support his family, and cowardly.
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