4th December 2019


How does metabolic rate vary with body size?

The relationship between mass and metabolic rate holds true across many species, and even follows a specific mathematical equation. Because of this, a smaller animal would need more energy and a higher metabolic rate to maintain a constant internal temperature (in an environment below its body temperature).

How does Fever increase metabolic rate?

A common pathological cause for a high BMR is fever, since a rise in body temperature increases the rate of cellular metabolic reactions. It is estimated that for every degree Fahrenheit of rise in body temperature, the BMR increases by 7 percent.

Do Endotherms have higher metabolic rate?

Endotherms use metabolic heat to keep a stable body temperature, while ectotherms do not. Among endotherms, smaller animals tend to have higher per-gram basal metabolic rates (a "hotter" metabolism) than larger animals. The same is true among ectotherms, though we can't compare between the groups.
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