21st November 2019


How does GPS work on a smartphone?

A real GPS receiver in a smartphone (one that runs a “show GPS satellites” app) uses signals from satellites to calculate position. It does not need an internet connection. Other location methods use WiFi hotspot IDs or cell tower IDs, and those use the internet to query an online database.

Thereof, how do I know if I have GPS on my phone?

Check Your Phone. Go to your phone's "Settings" and look for "Preferences." If the phone has a GPS chip, then it should give you an option to "Turn Locate On or Off;" this is the function that allows 911 personnel to know where you are at when you call.

What is the use of GPS on a mobile phone?

No. There is some confusion in that, if a mobile signal is available to them, Smartphones may use something called Assisted GPS to gain the approximate location from the phone signal. The mobile signal is then used to speed up the calculation of the position fix from the GPS satellites.
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