18th November 2019


How does friction increase and decrease?

When a body slides over the surface of another body, there is an opposing force acting in opposite direction of motion and this opposing force is called friction.Their are various ways by means of which, we can increase or decrease friction. At times it becomes necessary to increase or to decrease friction.

People also ask, what factors decrease friction?

These factors are: Surface Finish — The number, roughness and even the directional contact points of the asperities on the surfaces can dramatically affect the frictional coefficient. Temperature — Both ambient and operational temperature can affect friction.

How can you decrease friction?

It is beneficial to reduce the friction between surfaces to make movement easier or reduce the wear and tear on a surface. There are a number of ways to reduce friction: Make the surfaces smoother. Rough surfaces produce more friction and smooth surfaces reduce friction.

What are the factors that affect friction?

If two surfaces are rough than if they are smooth, then is important to action witha greater force. However, friction decreases with smoothness only to a degree; friction actually increases between two extremely smooth surfaces because of increased attractive electrostatic forces between their atoms.
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