3rd October 2019


How does a momentary contact switch work?

Usually, the switch makes a change that stays in effect until the switch is used again. For example, a light switch turns the lights on (or off) and they stay on (or off) until the switch is used again. One common example of a momentary switch is a doorbell. The doorbell only rings while you are pressing the button.

Correspondingly, what is the meaning of latching switch?

A latching switch is a switch that maintains its state after being activated. A push-to-make, push-to-break switch would therefore be a latching switch - each time you actuate it, whichever state the switch is left in will persist until the switch is actuated again.

What is a latching push button switch?

This is a perfect choice if you are in need of a heavy duty push button! These metal push buttons are a very tough, small, panel-mount latching switch with an illuminated white LED ring. It is a SPDT with 16mm threading and 1mm pitch. This button is perfect for basic On/Off functions.

What is a momentary contact switch?

A type of switch usually in the form of a push button that is only engaged while it is being depressed, as opposed to a typical “on/off” switch, which latches in its set position. Momentary switches may be normally open or normally closed. A normally open switch doesn't make contact until and unless it is held down.
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