4th December 2019


How does a chameleon protect itself from predators?

The Jackson's and Veiled chameleons. Chameleons will heavily rely on camouflage and staying completely still to avoid predators. However, if the predator is unavoidable, most of the species will hiss and try to make themselves look as big as possible to try to intimidate the attacker.

People also ask, what is the behavior of a chameleon?

Chameleons often lean around branches to try to hide from disturbances. These types of situations are highly stressful for chameleons. Juvenile male Trioceros montium hiding behind branches to avoid detection. Communication techniques are another valuable behavior to understand.

How does a chameleon adapted to their environment?

Chameleon chameleons have many adaptations that help them survive in their enviroment. This helps Chameleons to protect themselves from predators. EYES Helps chameleons to hang from a tree. TAIL Change color depending on temperature, mood, and during breeding.

What is the niche of a chameleon?

A chameleon's niche it that they have adapted for living and moving about in the trees. Their Eyes can move and focus independently and view two different images at the same time. Therefore, they can see when a predator or prey is near so they can hide or catch it and eat it.
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