2nd October 2019


How does a bus transfer work?

If you pay your fare with MetroCard, you may transfer free from local bus-to-subway, subway-to-local bus or local bus-to-local bus within two hours of the time you paid your fare. Unlimited Ride MetroCard includes all transfers free of charge.

In this way, how much is it for a bus transfer?

Paying Your Fare
Metro Fares As of 9/15/14RegularCollege/ Vocational
Cash (Bus Only)
1-Ride Base Fare No transfers included. Additional charges apply to ride: • Metro Silver Line • Metro Express Buses$1.75$1.75
Metro-to-Muni Transfer Transfer to a non-Metro bus within 2 hours50¢50¢

How much is the bus fare with transfer?

The cost of a Day Pass for Senior/Disabled will be $2.50. New to Metro's fare structure is the implementation of a special two-hour window of free transfers when using a stored value TAP card. Called the 1-Way Trip, customers using their Tap card when boarding a Metro bus or train pay the new base fare of only $1.75.

How do free subway transfers work?

A MetroCard allows one free transfer within 2 hours of first swiping your card. You can transfer from Bus to Subway, Subway to Bus, Bus to Bus, or between select Subway stations. (Free Subway to Subway transfers only apply when you are required to exit the station to make your connection.)
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