24th August 2018


How do you use clipboard?

Cut and paste items from the Clipboard
  1. If you're not already there, click Home, then click the launcher in the lower-right corner of the Clipboard group.
  2. Select the text or graphics you want to copy, and press Ctrl+C.
  3. Optionally, repeat step 2 until you've copied all the items you want to use.

What is the clipboard on my computer?

The clipboard is a storage area within an operating system for items you "copy" or "cut" from a document, website or other computer application. Accessing the clipboard on your computer is not tricky. In Windows XP, the clipboard can be accessed through the "My Computer" selection.

How can I see my clipboard history?

There is no way to view clipboard history by means of Windows OS. You can see only the last copied item. To view the complete windows clipboard history you need to use third-party applications. Clipdiary clipboard manager records everything that you are copying to the clipboard.
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