3rd December 2019


How do you turn on unknown sources on Windows 10?

On the Windows 10 Creators Update, you can use the following steps to block desktops apps from being installed on your computer:
  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on Apps.
  3. Click on Apps & features.
  4. Under "Installing apps," select Allow apps from the Store only option from the drop-down menu.

Similarly, you may ask, where is unknown sources on Android?

To allow app installs from Applivery, follow this steps: Navigate to Setting > Security. Check the option "Unknown sources". Tap OK on the prompt message.

What is unknown source?

Enable Unknown Sources. To install app stores that are not initially present on your device, Android requires you to enable the Unknown Sources setting. This allows you to download apps and games from sources other than Google to your mobile device.

Is it safe to install apps from unknown sources?

Avoid unknown sources. You have the option of installing Android apps and games from sources other than Google Play (sometimes known as sideloading). The problem is that many third-party app stores are not safe. If you choose to download an APK file and install it yourself, you could be putting malware on your device.
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