18th November 2019


How do you think critically?

Someone with critical thinking skills can:
  1. Understand the links between ideas.
  2. Determine the importance and relevance of arguments and ideas.
  3. Recognise, build and appraise arguments.
  4. Identify inconsistencies and errors in reasoning.
  5. Approach problems in a consistent and systematic way.

Likewise, how do you develop an opinion?

Ensure you have your facts straight before you form an opinion. Try to investigate and gather facts before forming an opinion fuelled by feelings and emotions. Start your research, talk to people and question whether the facts you uncover support your opinion.

What does it mean to form an opinion?

form an opinion. Make up one's mind or decide what one thinks about something. For example, I need more facts before I can form an opinion about this issue, or Don't tell me your views; I want to form my own opinion.
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