12th November 2019


How do you sync your iPod to iTunes without losing music?

Sync with more than one Mac: manage your iPhone manually
  1. Connect the iPhone to your first computer.
  2. Open iTunes.
  3. Select the iPhone using the Device menu in the top-left.
  4. Click the Summary option and select Manually Manage Music and Videos.
  5. Click Apply.

Correspondingly, can you delete songs from your iPod?

Delete the songs you don't like from iTunes library: Launch iTunes > Click Music mark > Select My Music > List your music as Songs > Select the songs you don't like > Click Delete from Library to remove them. Step 2. Connect your iPod to computer > Sync the music from your computer to iPod with iTunes.

How do I delete music from my iPod classic?

Option 1. Delete songs only from iPod but keep in iTunes Library. Step 1 Launch iTunes and connect your iPod Classic with your computer. Step 2 Click on the device symbol on the top left of the iTunes interface to open the “Summary” section and then select the check box “Manually manage music and videos” and hit Done.
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