18th November 2019


How do you survive a volcanic eruption?

Part 3 Protecting Yourself After the Eruption
  1. Remain indoors until you're told it's safe to come out. Keep the radio on and stay inside until you learn the danger has passed and you're free to go outside.
  2. Stay away from areas with heavy ash fall.
  3. Clear ash from your home and property.
  4. Get medical care if necessary.

Also question is, how can people be safe during a volcanic eruption?

If a Volcano Erupts in Your Area. Evacuate only as recommended by authorities to stay clear of lava, mud flows, and flying rocks and debris. Before you leave the house, change into long-sleeved shirts and long pants and use goggles or eyeglasses, not contacts. Wear an emergency mask or hold a damp cloth over your face.

What happens before and after a volcanic eruption?

The pressure forces the magma to rise through the crust of solid rocks, creating a volcanic eruption. Volcanoes release ash at the beginning of an eruption because the amount of gas is very high and it drives the explosions.

What are the things to do after a volcanic eruption?

  1. Listen to your local radio stations for civil defence advice and follow instructions.
  2. Stay indoors and away from volcanic ashfall areas as much as possible.
  3. When it is safe to go outside, keep your gutters and roof clear of ash as heavy ash deposits can collapse your roof.
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