2nd October 2019


How do you stop a cough?

Try these five tips to manage your cough at home:
  1. Stay Hydrated. An upper respiratory tract infection like a cold or flu causes postnasal drip.
  2. Try Lozenges and Hot Drinks. Try a menthol cough drop, Yoder suggests.
  3. Take Steamy Showers, and Use a Humidifier.
  4. Remove Irritants From the Air.
  5. Take Medications to Treat Coughs.

Why do you get a cough?

While annoying, coughs that are “productive” get germy mucus out of your lungs when you're sick. Most will go away in a few days. After a cold, though, some "dry" coughs last weeks or months. That could be because coughing irritates your lungs, which leads to more coughing, which irritates your lungs, and so on
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